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Separately we travelled the world tasting new cultures and ideas.  Together we settled in West Cork  to raise our little family.

Great taste is at the heart of what we do.

We love tofu and even though we are not vegetarian or vegan we believe in eating a more plant based diet.  We never compromise on taste.

Our Background

Ronan has worked in the food industry, mostly artisan, for the past 15 years.  His great loves are his family, living by the sea, sailing in his lovingly-restored little wooden boat, tinkering with machines, DIY projects as well as a nice cool beer after work.

Méabh spent 15 years working as a Fashion Designer in London, Sydney & Dublin.  No matter how busy her schedule she always comes back to the joy of food and the comfort of cooking.  Growing her own veg, tending to her small garden and a good riveting book bring simple delight.

Both have travelled extensively and have a deep love of healthy, fresh and Asian food.  

Oisín loves music, being outdoors, big vehicles and reading.  He also loves tofu...and did I mention chocolate?   

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